If you are considering selling your home in this current market, you are probably a little concerned. And indeed it is challenging to be a seller in this kind of a market. Price points have dropped a lot in the last couple of years, and there is competition from foreclosures, short sales, and other types of distressed sales.

However, in spite of all you might be reading in the national media, there is some good news for sellers in the Prescott area! Sales in 2011 were lively, and we ended with the third highest ever year for number of units sold. Buyers love Prescott and are wanting to relocate here, as we are still one of the top retirement destinations in the country! Some of our younger families are taking advantage of this market to “move up” and into larger homes. People from Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other areas are still looking to buy summer or weekend homes here. Price points are still down, but seem to be leveling at this writing. If you are willing to embrace the market with realistic expectations, the chances are excellent that we can get your home sold in a reasonable amount of time at the best possible price and get you off to your next destination.

At Windermere, we have state-of-the-art tools in place to market your home. Our broker is very “tech savvy” and our advertising dollars are well spent in finding the best places to bring your home to the attention of the most possible buyers. We have systems to track the effectiveness of our efforts and redirect them when necessary. And we have some of the area’s finest and most productive realtors on our team. Year after year, Windermere agents rank at the top of the Prescott area’s real estate profession for sales.

If you are considering selling your home, or just want to get an idea of what it might bring in the current market, please give me a call at 928-925-5570. I will be happy to come see you and give you a detailed presentation of your home’s value and the services we can provide you.