March 8, 2012

Tonight we are at Full Moon again, in Virgo, the culmination of the Pisces New Moon that occurred on February 21. In Celtic days, this was known as the Moon of Winds; and this year much of the mid-section of our country has been devastated by unusually strong tornado-force winds.  March usually does have strong winds, and this month we’ll see four equatorial crossings which should create quite a bit of turbulence.  Venus crossed the equator in February giving us a nice push toward an early Spring, which we are seeing. Mercury has already crossed the equator early this month, the Moon crosses today, the Sun on the 19th, and Mercury again crosses on the 28th. Watch out for a spate of very strong winds and possible tornadoes the third week of the month!!

The skies have been stunningly beautiful during this lunation. A night or two after the New Moon, I left the office about 8:30 and headed west to home. As I pulled up to the light at Gurley and Marina Streets, I just gasped. There before me, in perfect alignment right down Gurley Street, were the crescent Moon, sparkling Venus, and stately Jupiter. Flanking Jupiter were the brightest stars of Orion and Taurus, all beaming proudly.  Gorgeous Sirius was marching behind, and bringing up the far rear was golden Canopus. I love these bright winter stars, which will soon be giving way to the gentler stars of the summer nights.

All over the world, we are seeing unusual weather patterns, with even the Sun and the Moon sometimes being spotted outside of their accustomed tracks. There are many predictions for the year 2012, and it will be interesting to see what actually develops.

Prescott has had virtually no winter, with mostly chilly nights and very pleasant sunny days. The trees and the ground, however, are crying out for water, so this could be a very hard year for them and for the creatures that live in the natural abundance around us.

Virgo, the Great Mother, holding the Full Moon in her embrace tonight, asks us to come to ourselves truly, to listen to the voice deep within and hold our center in the midst of the great planetary and political turbulence all around us. All the forces of change bring with them great opportunity, if we choose to look for it, and to see how we as individuals might make a contribution toward moving our world in a more positive direction.



February 7, 2012

Tonight the Full Moon will grace our planet, and at least in Arizona, will be experienced through a veil of cloud cover. This Full Moon had its roots in the New Moon in Aquarius a couple of weeks ago, which is especially significant this year as we are beginning to leave the Piscean age to enter the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is our larger life, our shared life on this planet.

In more recent years, we have assigned the planet we call Uranus to the “rulership” of the sign of Aquarius. Uranus is thought to rule, among other things, technology. As we stand at the beginning of a new astrological age, humankind is faced with some hard choices in the use of the technology now becoming increasingly available to us. Will we use it to further our freedom and our will to explore worlds beyond our world, and can we use it to dive deep to discover secrets of our origin and the life force which animates the universe?

Or will we use it in furtherance of the aims of an elite few who seek to dominate the world with an agenda that does not bode well for the greater humanity? We are seeing a sudden proliferation of surveillance drones in our country, tasers being used against citizens for minor (or no) offenses, “chemtrails” in the air containing high levels of aluminum and barium, frankenfoods and terminator genes in the seeds for our food crops, radiation devices and/or strip searches used on vacationing travelers, vaccines with highly questionable contents being injected into unsuspecting people with dire results, and on and on and on.

But there is another aspect to Uranus, and some think the planet should have been named for Prometheus, the one who brought fire to mankind and championed our cause. If we choose this aspect of the planet to usher in the new age, what heights might we reach? Imagine for a moment that all the resources of flesh, finance, and fury that go into fueling the endless war machine were directed instead to the furtherance of all life on this planet!

Tonight the Full Moon will reflect the light of the Sun in Aquarius onto our planet, into our life sphere. The Moon stands before the great constellation Leo, and funnels its fiery love of creation and all its children into our souls as well. As we contemplate crossing the threshold into the Age of Aquarius, let us ever be reminded that all of our technological “advances” must be tempered and infused with the lovely light of Leo to hold the balance for the upliftment of all mankind.

February 2012

January was beautiful and mild and wonderful for all kinds of outdoor activities. We are still very much on the dry side, though,  so let’s hope we get some rain/snow in February!

The other night I came out of an appointment about 7:00 and stopped right in my tracks. The sky was gorgeous. Orion was high with Sirius rising right behind it. Jupiter and the gibbous Moon were in close conference in Taurus, and Venus was sparkling bright in Pisces. Breathtaking! I love our night skies here!! Full Moon will be in Leo on the 7th

With the Moon and Venus crossing the Equator the second week of February, and Uranus hovering right over the Equator, we should see some wild weather in the southern and mid-Atlantic regions. Later in the month, the northern regions of the Pacific and the  Atlantic should also see some turbulence with Mercury and Mars in opposition, aided and abetted by the Moon in Aquarius.



January 2012

In early January the Sun will be transiting across the western states, and the weather should be relatively “normal”. But mid-month, planetary clusters of Mercury conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Neptune, with Mercury squaring Saturn, should bring some turbulent weather, mostly to the northern latitudes. Late month will see Uranus crossing back into the northern hemisphere. We should see some strong, possibly hurricane force winds in the north Atlantic and up around Alaska.

A little too early for outdoor gardening in our area, but indoor plants could benefit from some root work on the 5th, 6th, 14th, 15th, and 16th.

New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 with the Full Moon in Cancer on January 8