Being a realtor fulfills a dream I’ve had since I was 25! I love houses!! I love to look at them and to imagine possibilities for them–and to match them up with people! Since coming into the business almost 10 years ago, I have been blessed with much success and many treasured friendships. Serving your real estate needs is my full-time profession, and I will be delighted to help you whether buying or selling a home. You may reach me quickly by phone at 928-925-5570 or email at

Some background notes….

Prior to becoming a real estate professional, I spent time in the political field and was privileged to work in the White House during the Nixon years and at the Consumer Product Safety Commission during the Reagan administration. One of my loves is oceans and beaches, and I fulfilled that dream by living in the Virgin Islands for a number of years, working in the liquor business as purchasing director for one of the Caribbean’s largest concerns. Just before making Prescott my home, I studied in Boulder, Colorado, and became a practitioner of Structural Integration, enjoying a succcessful healing practice in the Prescott area for about ten years.

On-going commitment…..

I like to think that my political years taught me to negotiate to win-win, my experience in the liquor business taught me the value of the bottom line, and my healing bodywork practice taught me to listen with my heart. I continue to be a bit of an “education junkie” and take far more than the required number of classes each year to be able to put a high level of professionalism and knowledge to work for you!